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Teaching and Training

Children's Healthy Smile Project has identified three areas of critical need in the prevention of dental disease.

Dental disease starts early in a child's life. Prevention and education must also start early, with a baby's first tooth.

"Baby Smiles"

This project will provide dental hygiene information to new moms. Emphasis will be on early care, starting before the eruption of the first tooth. Additionally, the effects of "baby bottle syndrome", thumb-sucking, pacifiers and especially diet, will be included. 

"Toddler Smiles"

As a child grows and teeth are formed, dental disease prevention becomes paramount. Busy moms, childcare workers and teachers need to establish a healthy oral hygiene routine and healthy diet. Proper brushing with toothpaste designed for toddlers is necessary. For the older preschool child a flosser can be introduced. 

"Kid Smiles"

Head Start, Low income Kindergarten and elementary school children are the most vulnerable to dental disease. Dental caries (tooth decay) is the single most common chronic childhood disease – 5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever. Over 50 percent of 5- to 9-year-old children have at least one cavity or filling. This affects every aspect of a child's life. Pain and suffering due to untreated diseases can lead to problems in eating, speaking and attending to learning. Early oral hygiene education and supplies such as toothbrush, toothpaste and floss are needed. 

Children's Dental Health Related Books

In addition to Smile Kits, Children's Healthy Smile Project, has been providing children's textbooks relating to dental health issues to the Head Start classrooms we have been supporting. Examples of the texts are illustrated in the image below. Teachers read them in the classroom and allow the children to take the books home to be read by their Parents. This project has been well received and the teachers have selected the books as their favorites. Also, not shown, similarly themed textbooks are provided in Spanish.

Head Start Support

We are pleased to work with each Head Start to provide materials which support education and make the children comfortable with going to the Dentist. Our local Head Start was provided lab coats, masks, bibs, ... to role play Dentists and promote oral hygiene. This overall experience improved the children's knowledge and promoted healthy habits.

University of Alabama dental students recently sponsored a "Halloween Party" for local children.

Each child was provided a "Smile Kit"  donated by Children's Healthy Smile Project with the generous support of a caring Alabama based business family. The dental students also provided information on healthy oral hygiene. Pictures are from past events.

Packing kits

University of Alabama dental students packing "Smile Kits."



Distributing Smile Kits

Distribution of the "Smile Kits" to the children.



Happy children

Healthy teeth, happy kids!


Fairy Princess

A fairy princess and her

new toothbrush.


Over 700 "Smile Kits" were given out during the event. A good example of giving back to the community.

February, 2011

Children's Healthy Smile Project served approximately 1,000 needy children during February, Children's Dental Healthy Month. Locally, 240 preschool children received "Smile Kits". Also their parents were invited to attend a special meeting to meet a local pediatric dentist and her staff who provided a informative presentation on dental disease prevention for their children.

In Key West, Florida, 540 children attending a local school received "Smile Kits". Several classrooms received a personal visit to stress the importance of brushing and flossing. In addition, several local organizations serving low-income and homeless women and children were given "Smile Kits" and educational materials.

October, 2011

Another successful "Halloween on the Hilltop" project by the University of Alabama Dental School.  Great Job!!

Children's Healthy Smile Project provided approximately 600 "Smile Kits" for distribution by the students.




February, 2012

CHSP's Florida Keys Director, Joyce Milelli, visites a classroom for Children's Dental Health Month. Joyce spoke to the students about healthy oral hygiene. "Smile Kits were distributed to several schools and agencies serving low income children in the Florida Keys. Additionally, teaching aids were given to schools to assist teachers when instructing students on proper brushing and flossing. This project was entirely supported by the citizens of Key West and the Florida Keys.


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